Mike Muya: To Love, To Express, To Create and To Explore

This website is an online representation of who I am, and the many things I do, and am interested in. I live by four fundamentals, which are to love, to express, to create, and to explore.

I know a little bit about a lot, however when I find something that I love and am good at, I spend much time investing in it. That is why this portfolio you see is filled with my passions: songwriting, music production, web, graphic design, marketing and business. All mediums have something in common: it is how I express and create. And I love every minute of it.

– I  have a creative approach that I marry with a technical background.
– I draw from my passions to make sure what I am working on is innovative.
– I am not defined by what I do, rather, I am able to define what I do because of who I am.

I find that I am able to work best in a team scenario, where I have the privilege and responsibility to perform at my best. I am very much a people person, and some of my strongest characteristics involve meeting and interacting with new people.

Having grown up in several different countries in Africa, including Congo, Zambia, Malawi, and South Africa, I like to think of myself as adaptable. You’ll see in my work that I draw inspiration from once living a transient lifestyle, and that my work will reflect innovation and continually draws from all sorts of inspiration.

Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Self-Producing Musician, Brand and Marketing Developer. It is all in the story for me. Anywhere where I can blend my creative and storytelling skills and with my technical background is where I am my most innovative.